Webinars are conducted regularly by MSK Radiology 4U. The recordings of the previous webinars can be viewed here. On purchase, the access details would be emailed to you, which would be valid for a week.

Registrations for current webinars can be done using the link below. A link for the webinar would be emailed to the registrants closer to the date. Terms and conditions are available here

Date Title of webinar Lectures Video
06/04/2018 Imaging of hip and lower limb- Part 2

Imaging of Groin pain                    - Dr Rajesh Botchu

Muscle injuries of the lower limb  - Dr Steve James

Imaging of painful THR                 - Dr Anish Patel

TBC                                                - Dr Mark Davies 

24/11/2017 Imaging of Hip
Radiological anatomy of hip - Dr Rajesh Botchu
Non contrast imaging of hip for labral tear - Dr Steve James
Imaging approach to lateral hip pain - Dr Anish Patel
Tumour and tumour like lesions of hip - Dr Mark Davies
23/06/2017 Imaging of Bone Tumours- Part 2
Infection vs tumour - Dr Mark Davies
Spinal Tumours - Dr Steve James
Rib Lesion - Dr Rajesh Botchu
Clavicle Lesion - Dr Anish Patel
10/03/2017 Imaging of Bone Tumours- Part 1
Introduction to Bone Tumour Imaging - Dr Rajesh Botchu
Osteogenic Tumours - Dr Steve James
Surface Tumours - Dr Mark Davies